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Hi folks

Jeff Ring here...

My domain is whateverdomain.com but, my site is at whateverdomain.com/whateverfolder. How do I set things so the address bar shows www.whateverdomain.com and not www.whateverdomain.com/whateverfolder . I have my domain pointing at a folder withing my root publichtml folder. (I did this so I can manage a couple domains and keep them separate from my main hosting domain)


ps. So far the best of the 4 hosts I have had!

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The simplest solution is to have the public_html be something like main.whateverdomain.com or something that is not the actual site maybe yourname.oneofourdomain.com. Then make an add-on domain point to the folder which is the actual domain.

You'd need to make a ticket to set this up as you'd need a primary domain change.

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