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I like to spread my nameservers and class Cs around various places so am contemplating opening an account here. I would host a few websites here that in general do not get much traffic but have their purpose.

Anyway, one requirement I have is the ability to use wild card subdomains. Of course most Cpanel installations allow this by simply inputting a subdomain with *. How about hawkhost???

Also, some places *cough*godaddy*cough* like to limit curl - what about hawk host?

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It shouldn't be an issue I believe (as you said) cPanel allows a simple asterisk for the wildcard. If not submit a ticket and we can add the DNS entry for you :).

There's no cURL limitations - though ticket us with your exacty requirements and we'll clear up any questions you have.

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Thanks for the response. I went ahead and registered and swapped name servers for a domain. Now the issue is: How do you log in to cpanel? It seems DNS has propagated and the example: http://your.ip.address:2082 is not working..

Best to make a ticket about this. I cannot really say why you cannot connect without more information. Usually it's firewalls so you can use ipaddress/cpanel for the url instead and it'll use a proxy if you cannot connect.

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