Webdesigner or SEO who is more important for a business web site?


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Web design focuses on appearance and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Than who is more important?


Web design focuses on appearance and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Than who is more important?


Just passing through, but one thing to consider is that the correct answer may not be the same for every business.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is no proper substitute for either content or marketing. Also, not every business has an equivalent amount of resources available to allocate to either web design or SEO.


Additionally, not all businesses are governed by equivalent business models. Is the market local, national, or trans-national? SEO is important, because it has become relevant. Its relevance, however to a particular business may be different relative to other businesses.


Appearance and aesthetics will have a greater bearing on retention of site visitors and return visits, but are less relevant to acquiring the initial visit to the site.


The general rule of thumb, from what I have been able to discern, thus far, is that you should build your website for people, and not for search engines. Additionally, from a business perspective, one might want to assess for themself how much time, energy, and effort (all forms of resources) to either. Additionally, a lot of what is touted as SEO isn't actually SEO, nor a wise investment for a business to allocate its finite set of resources to.

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Apples and Oranges.  I'd argue good design for me.  


SEO might get me to your page, but if I can't find what I want, I'm not making a purchase or engaging you for business.  Hence the need for better design.  


Also my "Slimeball" alarm often trips on too much evident SEO when I believe you rigged things too much and overused keywords compared to your offerings, at that point I run away screaming and never visit you again.


"Hits" aren't important, customers are...

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