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  1. Both of them are important. A good design should be considering the web structure for SEO purpose
  2. gurami

    Link wheel

    backlink is important point to get high rank on search engine and no matter of backlink schema that you'll use, the main point of this technique is the quality. Even you are not using any backlink schema but if your sources of backlink are comes from authority sites, it will give a high impact to your site
  3. gurami

    Who answers general questions?

    Hello, do you want to ask something? This is sub forum for promoting website which is hosted on HawkHost not for asking questions
  4. your site is looks good but there are to many tags on your sidebar
  5. gurami

    Jasa SEO Company

    Nice 2 meet you here. Success will be in your hand my friend... go on with your seo service
  6. gurami

    GIMP Forums

    wow, your forum site is really nice but i think a bit slow to load
  7. gurami

    Why hawkhost Chinese customer service

    I think, the language that the customer service use is based on majority of their customer's language use And if Chinese customer has small portion of it, it's not possible to handle it
  8. @Brian: it was solved. My account was activated right now. thanks
  9. gurami

    I don't have what i must have ?

    could you tell us, why this happened? thanks
  10. I have the same problem I have paid for a new package today but I still haven't receive any email for my cPanel access Why it is happened? Why you can't do automatically like Hostgator?
  11. gurami

    Blog post ideas?

    I have no idea here Just read your chat from above to da bottom