Public access to Webalizer data?


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There's a program called rmagic that provide public access to the analog statistics data, but I can't install it at DH without root access. I couldn't find anything similar for webalizer.

I'd like to give a couple people access to the webalizer data without giving them access to the control panel. Is there a way to do that?

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There isn't a way to do this with a quick snap of the fingers in cPanel. However you can do this by making use of symbolic links. You'll need SSH to do this so if you do not have it or are unsure about this method we can do it for you.

First you make a directory in your public_html folder called say stats

Create Your Symbolic Link:

ln -s /home/yourusername/tmp/webalizer stats

Chmod Directories:

/home/yourusername/tmp - chmod to 755

/home/yourusername/tmp/webalizer - chmod to 755

Of course with all of this changing "yourusername" with your actual account username.

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One other thing I forgot to mention I don't really advise doing it with awstats as there are exploits out there and such for it. The others to my knowledge just generate files so there isn't a big deal.

I'd also make use of a .htaccess if you don't plan on having it 100% public as search engines tend to find everything.

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Followup question: One of my accounts doesn't have SSH access (yet). Before asking you to enable it, is there a method using the File Manager that comes with cPanel to create symbolic links?

If not, I'll create a ticket for you.

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