Christmas Card 2010


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I hope and I trust that this holiday season, and in particular this Christmas, is a time of great joy and unparalleled peace in your respective lives. I know none of you on a personal level, but I do want to say that I certainly appreciate all of the time, advice, and assistance that those of you on the Hawk Host staff have provided to me over the duration of my time as a customer with your company.

The websites that I host with your company are all very small, hobby or personal type sites. None of them are very big, relatively speaking, and it is not my aim that any of them ever become big. Most of the problems that I encounter with my websites tend to be forum related, and even then, the vast majority of those particular problems likely have origins that are traceable to errors on my end. Allow me to take this opportunity to extend a personal thank you to one and all involved on the Hawk Host side of things, so that my websites remain up and running and accessible, for those few souls who do utilize them to interact with both myself and others.

I would also take this time to remind each and every one of you hawks that Christmas is special, and that it should always be special, whether one's personal life is happy or sad, orderly or chaotic, full of comforts or bereft of the luxuries that life has to offer. Indeed, anything above and beyond life, itself, is a luxury, I dare say.

My son, who is five and one half years old, is the most important person in my life. This individual that didn't even exist a few short years ago has managed to overtake all others in my life to occupy the firmament of my thoughts, both day and night.

The relevance of this to Hawk Host? It's all about relationship - the relationship that required an active investment of my time and energy and attention, an investment that is ongoing, and one which I wish to perpetuate ad infinitum.

Success is not a slave to money nor to profit. Indeed, success doesn't even depend upon those things, at all. One can make tons of money selling drugs and destroying people's lives. I would encourage all hawks to never lose sight of the importance of crafting, nurturing, and perpetuating relationships with Hawk Host's customers. Over the long run, I truly believe that you will find that you will find that aspect of running your company to ultimately be the most rewarding, and certainly far more rewarding than just raking up customers as mere numbers, or the money that they toss your company's way.

It's not about beating the competition. If left to their own designs, the competition will, quite often, be more than willing to beat itself. Never underestimate the willingness of the competition to slice its own throat, or to shoot itself in the foot. The only one that you ever really have any control over is your own self, not the competition. If you invest your time in building relationships of actual substance, then when all is said and done, you will end up with something of great significance.

I bid each of you greetings and salutations. I send warm wishes your way for a Christmas marked with meaning, one that finds its way into your hearts and your memories. I wish you Merry Christmas!

Because Christmas only has as much meaning as you assign to it,


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This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever sent us in regards to the company. Cody and I are sitting here, drinking our morning coffee (the first of many daily cups) after a maintenance window, and are absolutely floored by what you just wrote. I want you to know this will be printed, framed, and hung up on our wall as this is exactly the type of thing we aim for as a company. Seeing this each day will serve as a reminder of just why we're here.

I hope you, your son, and anyone else close to you in your life have an amazing Christmas as well, and hope that carries on into 2011.

All the best,


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