My Experience after 3.5 years


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I figured I'd check in after 3+ years of using you guys.

Basically: I love this host.

The service is great. If you ever need help, the support staff our helpful and nice. The speeds are great. I haven't ever felt sluggish or anything like that. The uptime is amazing. There have been absolutely no times these past 3 years where someone wanted access to my site and couldn't get it. I have to admit, I haven't been running anything particularly big here, but I'm sure if I was it would meet my needs as well. For 2 years, I ran a very small forum (25 users) but a very active one (posts in the hundreds of thousands by the end). College kids procrastinating at ungodly hours of the night would login 5+ times a day, and never be met with a slow loading page or a server down. I also used it as an in-game map mirror for the quake 3 mod "Urban Terror" and it was one of the fastest ones.

Now I mostly use it for a dead blog, my email or for my files, but I couldn't be happier. If I ever have any need for web hosting again, this is the first place I would go. When I original was looking in to it, all my friends with web hosting experienced recommended those "unlimited" hosting companies they used, but from talking to them it looks like I made the right call coming here. No headaches, no nonsense, and great service.

Thanks Hawk Host!

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No problem guys. Another reason I'm still happy is because the service is always improving. When I started the standard plan was 3 gig space, 30 gig bandwidth. About halfway through it doubled. In the time that a can of pop went up by 25c, the standard plan got doubled for the same price! When I started using this hosting, it had fantastico (which it still has) which was pretty convenient. Now they added softaculous, which gives you even more automatic installation scripts. It's nice to see a company that gets better over time and expands its feature set.

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Another reason I'm still happy is because the service is always improving.

Since you mentioned it, I'd like to ask if there is anything else you think we can do better? We're really trying to get our end users involved in ways we can improve what we're doing and bring some things to the table that other hosts don't. Given you've been with us as long as you have and I can only assume been around the hosting world for longer, is there anything you'd like to see us offer we currently don't?

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