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I got suggested to your site by someone i was talking about hosting my forums with. They said they've been with you for a year and had no trouble! :)

So i thought i should come take a look. The reason i have a question is. is because ive been using invisionfree/zetaboards to host my forums for around 6-7 years. I want to switch it IPB. I have no idea what kind of package i'd need lol.

Can i get a quick 1/10 of each package and why please? ( if you dont mind )

Sorry to be a bother, but i really want the best host. It'll be a small community at the start, but im hoping to grow big. The forum is for my upcoming text based game. So i want a lot of members.

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Generally we suggest people start with our basic plan, and upgrade from there as necessary. We allow you to upgrade at any time if you find yourself needing more resources.

Each plan includes the same features and perks, the only differences are the amount of disk space / bandwidth you're allocated and prices.

Thanks for considering our services :)

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