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  1. amj94

    Another Question

    well this is really nice suggestion. i was also worried about my MP3 files but this is great idea. Thanks
  2. Hi, please confirm that for hosting a news site, which hosting plan i should recommend to my client, Basic hostign plan or some others? thanks
  3. amj94

    Quick question about commission

    what is the commission structure in case if someone uses coupon? Thanks
  4. Please let me know which payment mode do you use for the affiliate payments? PayPal or others etc Thanks
  5. amj94

    MP3 hosting

    thats nice. thanks Brian
  6. amj94

    MP3 hosting

    Do you provide support for the site having MP3 video/audio content? Thanks
  7. amj94

    A few questions

    yup starting with a basic plan is really nice idea and must prefer this approach as the hosting plan can be upgraded later according the requirements.
  8. amj94

    transfer www only

    well ... this looks cool :cool:
  9. amj94

    Database backup

    Thanks. good strategy
  10. amj94

    Renew time

    ya this is already mentioned on the main website
  11. amj94

    Affiliate Program

    Thanks Brian but Payment mode is not mentioned there. Please let me know which method do you use? PayPal, Bank Transfer, Moneybookers etc thanks
  12. amj94

    Parking Domains

    Thanks Brian this is really cool :cool:
  13. amj94

    Database backup

    you mean daily backups for 7 days? Thanks
  14. amj94

    Affordable Web Hosting?

    Hi guys, you know almost all the people search for an Affordable Web Hosting solutions. I've been wondering, how do people actually define the term. Different individuals have different levels of affordability. Making use of such terms companies may even promote their high cost web hosting packages as Affordable Web Hosting servers. Whats your opinion on this? Thanks