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I registered one domain at name.com and use it with hosting of hawkhost. I tried to configure the DNS record so it can point to here but maybe it does not correct. Could you please take a look and suggest me something so I can fix it?

Below is the record I created at name.com:

Record Type	Record Host	Record Answer	TTL	Priority (MX only)	Create Date

A	example.com (delete)	300		2010-11-17 14:13:06

NS	ns1.example.com	ns1.hawkhost.com (delete)	300		2010-11-17 14:12:18

NS	ns2.example.com	ns2.hawkhost.com (delete)	300		2010-11-17 14:12:29

A	www.example.com (delete)	300		2010-11-17 14:13:12

They do not allow me to change Name Servers.

It has been a long time I do not do anything with domain and hosting service. I still remember about 5 years ago, what we need is just go to the DNS Name Server and change the DNS like ns1.hosting.com to DNS server in domain management and it works. Why it become more complicate now?

Thank you very much!!

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They do not allow me to change Name Servers.

That's odd.

I have an account with name.com and can change nameservers for any of my domains.

1) Click on the Account icon at the top to display a list of your domains.

2) Click on the domain name to display domain's details.

3) Just above the name servers on the left side of the screen, you can see (edit). Clicking on it will allow you to change the name servers for the current domain. You can also select "Edit Name Servers" under Domain Management on the right menu.

4) Remove the current name servers before adding the new name servers.

The user interface of domain registrars are not the most friendly, GoDaddy being the worst. Name.com not too bad but can be improved. Sometimes I find myself lost in their maze.

Anyways, hope this helps.

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