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Anybody having trouble with getting up to date information on their badwidth useage in cpanel? I am. Seems a bit unrelaible of late. Today's bandwith graph and the monthly graph have not been updated for a few days.

The total usage has been updated at some point recently but I have no idea how accurate it is.

I'm sailing close to the wind on bandwidth again and need something which is accurate and regularly updated.

What happens if you exceed your bandwidth? Do all your sites get a "bandwith exceeded" message?

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The bandwidth usage is suppose to be updated every 4 hours on most machines. If it's not updating something is wrong. It is probably best to make a ticket so we can investigate. It might have to do with our mitigation methods for a recent exploit.

As for when you exceed bandwidth all your sites would display an exceeded bandwidth notice.

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Magically it seems to be functioning again, although the graphs show a blank for the 18th Sept. If I click on the text report for the month each day is complete.

To be honest I find the graphs and pie charts a bit... quirky. However, it's the numbers that are important.

The 4 hour thing is good to know. I assumed it updated more frequently, but at least I know what to expect. So that's ok.

One final observation, bandwidth warnings are sent out at 80% capacity (for some reason I always get 2), but nothing after that. Reminders at 90% or 95% would be useful. Do they occur? I've come close to 100% and did not receive one.


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