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  1. I wish I would have seen that before buying it on a Friday night DOH. Should have just waited until Monday Thanks for handling it though.
  2. I got a response 6 hours ago saying that they were sorry for the slow response and that they would set it up... And still nothing. I don't want to seem to pushy about this, but my communities site has been down for 24 hours because of this.
  3. Just got a reply, but this wait was ridiculous. Hopefully the server performance will make up for this starting hiccup
  4. I desperately need to get my dedicated IP to install my SSL cert on my site. The site is for a rather large community and this downtime is inexcusable. Can anyone help? I submitted a ticket last night and they said it was transferred to Billing and after 12 hours of no response I opened up a new ticket. Ticket ID: OSX-260667