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(Originally posted on Web Hosting Talk.)

So I have been using Hawk Host for nearly 6 months ago after finding them on Web Hosting Talk in March. I am nothing but pleased with their service and reliability to this date. But this shouldn't come as a surprise with all the other positive reviews posted about them.

Here are a few of the pros & cons for Hawk Host:


- Blazing Fast Speed: All pages load in under 2 seconds for me

- Amazing Support: Answers in less than 20 minutes usually!

- Great Price, currently I'm paying $40 a year for 30gb bandwidth and 3 gigs disk space

- Affiliate Program: Great program to earn some cash while getting customers for HH.

- Small Company: While others may argue that big hosting companies are better, I personally like the fact that the community is small and staff interaction is more personal.


Alright, I have seriously spent the last 10 minutes trying to think up of a few cons for Hawk Host but can't. :(


THIS IS AN AMAZING HOST! I would recommend it to anyone. But with all good hosts always have that little fear in the back of your mind that the company could get bought out and go downhill -- I hope this never happens with Hawk Host. EVER! If the current Hawk Host management sticks around this host will continue to grow and grow with all happy customers including me.

Site(s) Hosted By HawkHost: http://avatarprime.net

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