Wait hours for activation of new purchase. HH handle new orders by hand ?

Kevin D.

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I've just place a order with HawkHost, payment is completed via Paypal, and for now, i haven't received any login information. The hosting plan is still pending now. I've submit a ticket to sale deparment 15' ago, still waiting for reply, how can people say HH reply rapidly ?

All of hosting provider I've used before (HostGator, UKHost4U, Shinjiru...) were automatically active the service after payment is completed. Does HH manage new orders by hand ?

Bad first impress :)

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All of our orders go through a fraud check and verification system, which can take some time. If something on the order seems higher risk, we'll then have it flagged and it will require additional review. Since I'm not sure what your order number was, I cannot look for sure to see whether or not this was the case for you.

As for the ticket response delay, our sales department is only in the office during business hours which is why your ticket was not replied to when submitted a few hours ago. At this point you should have received a reply.

If you're still having any issues please email sales[*at*]hawkhost.com and reference your order number, the original ticket number, and a link to this forum thread and we'll investigate for you when we have all the details available. Obviously I don't want to ask you to post the order or ticket number in this forum :)

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