SSL without certificate in Wordpress


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You skip the generation of the Certificate Signing Request, I think -- that's only needed by the companies that hand out the certificates when you actually buy a real live certificate (they're not that expensive anymore BTW).

Cpanel has the SSL/TLS manager under the Security section.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the process would be 1) generate private keys; 2) generate a certificate (self-signed, obviously); 3) activate SSL on your website.

you would skip the generation of the CSR, which would normally come between steps one and two.

I think that's correct, but don't quote me on it. The CSR is what you have to give to the company when you purchase a certificate, but you can skip that step (I think) if you're self-signing.

Then you can, depending on your OS and browser, add exceptions or add the key or certificate so that it's recognized on your computer (because you know it's you).

When you install WP, though, don't do it at https because that's where it will be "installed". Install at http, then maybe change a password. Once it's installed, use https. Or you can also change that in the settings, I suppose. Probably easier to install at http though.

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