Apollo Server Migration [04/27/2007]


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Starting on Friday April 27th at 7pm EST we'll be moving all Apollo customers to our various SoftLayer servers we currently have or plan on deploying during this time. This window will last until Monday April 30th 1am EST however most will see only a few hours to for their sites to be moved over. We will accept move requests as early as Friday April 20th for sites which want to get the move out of the way early. During the move we do not expect any significant amount of down time as all websites will be on both servers at the same time. However some users due to DNS may see the websites on the older machine longer than others. The reason for this move is to put Apollo customers on more up to date hardware as the current Dual 2.8ghz XEON is showing age and we feel the move to a Dual Opteron 248 or our new Xeon Clovertown 5310 (Quad Core) with 4gb ram and SATA II disks should provide quite a significant improvement in performance.

If you have any questions or concerns about the move please contact support.

Start time (EST): 8:30pm 4/27/2007

End time (EST): 1:00am 4/30/2007

Services affected: All Apollo customers

Duration: 3 Days

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