Network Events / Continued Issues [4/23/2008 - 4/24/2008]


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1. Level 3 was effected by a fiber cut in their Dallas to Houston area. Due to this cut, a large amount of traffic was shifted elsewhere causing certain Level 3 segments to have problems. On 4/23/2008 we stopped announcing our IPs to Level 3 in an effort to stop customers from coming in on our Level 3 circuit.

2. It appears Verio was peering with one of the affected Level3 links. As this was causing even more issues, we returned the Level3 link back to operation, and Verio routed through Chicago, around the problem link.

3. AT&T continues to have issues with reachability to the majority of Tier 1 carriers. While we have no control over this, customers will experience issues if their ISP uses AT&T to reach us.

At this time things are obviously not 100% optimal but we have very few reports of being unable to reach our servers. Performance however at this time is affected depending on the route you are taking. This ticket will be updated when we have more information.

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