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Hi....I posted a PM to Tony on WHT but he may not have seen it, so I'll replicate it here.

I'm a Brit web developer/designer living in Spain, and I've got a couple of VPS's with one of the major players on WHT.....and they're very good. No complaints at all.

But I like to keep my options open, and if possible, not to put all my eggs in one basket, as things can change in the Hosting business.

Plus, as my sites are virtually all UK/Europe based it may possibly be better to look at Washington rather than Dallas where I'm currently hosted. And you can offer Lightspeed, which I'm very interested in, as virtually all my sites are resource intensive Joomla applications.

Potentially, I am interested in the Super 1024MB VPS initially, but with the Litespeed option, plus CPanel, and based in Washington.

I wondered if you could point me to any large Joomla sites, you may have hosted on one, so I can get a better idea of what sort of performance I'd see from Spain.

Failing Joomla sites....any vB or IPB forums, or any other high resource application.

Any info much appreciated!


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Unfortunately we cannot disclose our customer web sites as that be a violation of our privacy policy. Also I don't know of anyone with testimonials who are using VPS's unfortunately. The speed test files would give you a good idea as far as speed of downloading: http://www.hawkhost.com/Network/index For speed of intensive applications since it's a VPS as long as you have the resources and it's not poorly made it should be fast. Meaning obviously if the script takes 10 seconds to load on an idle server somewhere right now it's not going to suddenly take 5 seconds on a VPS as resources are not the problem but poorly made script.

Hopefully this is a little helpful.

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