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The first item in the forum breadcrumbs "Hawk Host Community Forums" appears to have an invalid link "".

Clicking on it gives a blank page instead of the forum index. I don't recall it happening before...seemed to be a recent thing.

Another problem I noticed was the avatars. It kind of disappeared for a while and then reappeared. So strange.

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Very strange indeed, I'm not seeing any of this behavior. By any chance did you try it in another browser to see if the issue was potentially local?

I was using Firefox when these weird issues happened. No, I didn't try it in another browser then.

Strangely, most of the issues seemed to be OK now...must be one of those unexplained mysteries of the world wide web.

The only strange behavior that persists is the display of html tags (e.g. <br>) when I use the simple editor, regardless of the browser. These html tags disappear when I use the full editor.

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