Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting? Django Support?


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7 hours ago, thesti said:


What is the different between Shared Hosting & Cloud Hosting? If I want the web to be accessible quite fast from other side of the world, do I have to use a service something like CloudFlare?

Do you support django?

Hello and welcome to the forums! Our shared hosting ( is when you get access to a cPanel (our web based hosting control panel) account and it allows you to easily upload your custom site or use our 1 click installer to use WordPress, Magento, Joomla or other common software suites. The server is fully managed by our team and all you're responsible for is your own sites/emails/scripts/software. Our cloud compute plans ( would be your own private server environment and you'd be responsible for the management/configuration of the entire server. We recommend shared hosting for most users but you can always upgrade to a compute in the future if your needs change!

Cloudflare or any other CDN can definitely help reduce latency and improve performance for visitors who are physically further away from where your site is hosted with us (you can choose your hosting location during signup). Cloudflare and other CDNs will offer you the ability to cache your static content (images, text, etc.) so it's served from the Cloudflare servers which are closer to your visitors instead of waiting for all the content to come directly from your account with us.

Django is supported on all of our hosting plans.

If you have any follow up questions let us know or feel free to email [email protected] directly for any other questions you have about our services. Thank you!

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