Inodes limitation which limit should i keep it


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I have this limit for my shared hosting

It is allowed to use the whole 500k? Or should i keep it to a certain limit?
I know from experience that if a reach a certain threshold my account becomes red.I dont wanna get suspended.
I want to know if it is allowed for shared hosting to keep account with high inodes,i develop android apps which require alot of inodes.
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Hi! Inodes represent the total number of files hosted on your account. Each image, email, site page, cache file, etc. that is stored on your account consumes one inode, so for example if your cPanel was showing you using 400,000 inodes that means you're storing 400,000 total files on the account.

There are no performance implications to using more inodes, so whether your account uses 100 or 500,000 inodes your sites will perform the same. You also are not at risk of suspension due to using all your available inodes. However you should keep in mind if you hit your 500,000 inode limit you will be unable to add new files to the account. This may cause interruptions to your services as you'd be unable to receive new emails, add new files to your site, users could no longer upload new files, etc. 

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