Question - does size matter?


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I have a dreamweaver website and small vBulletin forum 3.6.8 same as here.

Been with present host 3 - 4 years. Very big outfit. No real complaints except server is gradually slowing. Today it was pitiful and collapsed for 30 minutes. Meanwhile they've become a large host. Support is more remote.

Our problem is we are about to aggressively promote our site. There's nothing worse than a slow bulletin board. So here's the question.

Your "Standard" shared package would be more than adequate. However, if I went with your "Advanced" or "Super" package, is forum response likely to be faster...... or remain faster during periods of heavy server load?

Bottom line, does size matter? Will your larger package produce greater speed. No puns please :)

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You almost got me on this one I was about to delete this topic and ban you until I started reading the topic. Funny stuff


The higher packages don't grant you a faster speed you'd still be on the same server if you had 3GB space or 24GB space. The only difference is with larger accounts we are more lenient with regards to cpu and memory usage you're using on the server since you're obviously paying more. This of course along with more space and bandwidth with the higher accounts.

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Thanks for the reply, Tony. Very much appreciated.

I'm still in the learning mode about hosting. After reading this forum and your answers to others, I believe Hawkhost would be a good place to host. Your answers make a lot of sense. You are open and candid.

I'll be in touch.


Bob Brumell

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