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I wonder if this is possible, I have a domain from onlydomains pointed to Wix nameservers, I also have hosting on HawkHost where I can have multiple domains.

I would like to use HH for emails only because this is expensive on Wix, Wix allows changing MX records and generally support having your email hosted somewhere else like G Suite, GoDaddy Email etc.

Would this be achievable with HH? If so what settings should I plug into the MX record on Wix? Or is there some other way I need to move things around?


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Hello! What you're looking to do is possible, and in cases like this it's usually easiest to use your hosting servers hostname for the MX record. You can locate the hostname in your client area, or you can ask our support team for the hostname, but it'll look something like "". Once you set the MX record on your domain(s) to that server hostname your email would be routed through our servers while leaving the site hosted at Wix. 

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