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SSH login slow on one server, fast on another

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I have two different shared services with Hawkhost:

1) Primary on nyc004
2) Basic (old style) on dal010

When I do an ssh login (using Putty program from my PC), both of them ask for the password
without any delay, but after I enter the password there is a significant difference:

With #2 the prompt appears essentially instantly, in less than 1 second.
With #1, the login is consistently slow.  I just tried it a couple of times,
the first time took about 10 seconds, the second one nearly 30 seconds.

After the login, performance on both is comparable, with commands always executing quickly.

Since this not really a problem that *needs* to be resolved, rather than opening a ticket,
I am posting here just to bring it to Hawkhost's attention, and also so that other users
might see it and share any similar experiences (on either the fast or slow side of the question).

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