Moving From Siteground To HawkHost?


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I currently run a (very) small gaming community on Siteground, but even then, with all the images I also host unrelated to the site, I'm already at 50% of my 20gb of space. If I expect my Xenforo forum to grow, I will not want to run out of space anytime soon.

I got a 30% off for life coupon which I was thinking of using on your Talon Semi-Dedi plan, which would come out to what, $28/mo?


(PS, I also love birds of prey, hawks, eagles, velociraptors ;))

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Good morning! Our talon semi-dedicated plan is $49.99/mo when paying monthly so with the 30% discount that would be $34.99/mo for that package. The $28.00/mo pricing you came to would be correct if you were to pre-pay two years in advance while using the same 30% discount.

You may also want to look at our professional shared plan: -- this package is more affordable than the talon plan however it will still provide the disk space you need. The shared plans offer 1CPU, 1GB RAM, and 5Mb/s IO whereas talon semi-dedicated would have 2CPUs, 2GB RAM, and 10Mb/s IO limits. If you don't think you'd need the extra CPU/RAM/disk then the shared plan may work for you!

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On 4/3/2018 at 1:08 PM, KensonPlays said:

Thanks for the response. If I went with the Pro Shared plan, could I upgrade to semi-dedi later on with same 30% off for life?

Absolutely! Our team can assist with the upgrade and with moving all your sites/files from the shared plan to the semi-dedicated plan should you choose to upgrade and you'll continue to receive the 30% recurring discount once you're on the new plan :)

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9 hours ago, Brian said:

The coupon you received from the site would be expired at this point however if you contact our sales team prior to signing up we can provide you with an active 30% recurring coupon code to use on the new order.

Thanks. Let me look over things this weekend. How much is the migration service from SG? Including DB?

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4 hours ago, Brian said:

We offer free migration services with all hosting plans and orders. It looks like SiteGround uses cPanel like we do so we'll be able to do a full migration (sites, files, databases, emails, etc.).

Sweet. I use Google Apps for my emails, so it would be just database/site/files.

Would I need to email for the coupon? I can do the purchase now since I'll be gone for a few hours so the migration can possibly be done then?

EDIT: Ticket made.

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