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Hi there, I have several web (well, blog, actually). Here's the condition:

1. Can I set up different domain under the same shared hosting package? how is the mechanism? I read some topic about using "add-on domain" and failed

2. one of the web was apparently hosted by a private host from long lost friend :| Is it why I failed? While for two other, I just bought new domain and previously only hosted on (already back up the xml btw).

Any idea?

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To setup another website under your existing plan you would use the 'Addon Domain' interface from cPanel. Once it's added you can install your software, upload your content, create emails, etc. Addon domains are treated as completely separate sites from your primary domain or other addon domains.

If you're unable to create an addon domain from cPanel you'll want to provide our support team with the exact error(s) so we can figure out what's going on! :)

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