Please add India as new location on shared hosting packages

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Just a request to please add India as a new location option for shared hosting environment. Singapore servers give very high pings even worst than that of US. I have tried China as well.


Can you guys please add India as new location option for Asian users ??


Here are my PING Test Results:

(These ping results are tested for ip addresses mentioned at this page https://www.hawkhost.com/our-hosting-network)


Dallas 338 ms

Washington 270ms

Toronto Canada 406ms

California 500ms


Some nearby locations which should give low pings but not working as it should :huh:


Singapore 411ms

Netherlands 537ms

China 387ms


I request you guys to please add India as new location for your hosting services.

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Thanks for your suggestion! We've often considered opening a location in India and we've had discussions on this as recently as the past few months, so it's definitely something we've looked into! At the moment I'm afraid we don't have any immediate plans to open up a location in India however it would absolutely be on our short list for our next expansion :)

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