why there is no article to support any technical detail hosting?


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Hi, I am new here.. but of course not new in hosting environment, in my previous experience I get to know more detail about the server that we get before purchase

I am new in vps type of hosting, but I didn't find any technical detail about the vps plan itself 


for example, in frontpage of vps, it mention Equal share CPU, what is that even mean?

how about detail of other resources? such as process entry, http/2, litespeed, security protection,inode, I/O..

few of them are sold separately like WHM and litespeed, but where to look and get more detail about this? I find in knowledge-base but nan article was found

please help, thanks

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A dedicated server is a whole server just for you.  A VPS is similar, but you are sharing
the physical server with other Virtual servers.
In either case, what you get is:
- a certain amount of memory
- a share of the physcial CPU
- an operating system
and that's about it. 

After that it's up to you to install the software you want or need, and administer and run that server.
I think you'll find the descriptions of VPS offerings of other providers similar to those at Hawkhost.

Shared and reseller hosting comes with lots of software to run a website (Lightspeed, cPanel, mail software, etc.).
A VPS can do that, but the software isn't there for you, unless you request or install it. 
A VPS can also just be file server, or something else, too.

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You can find the hardware specs on VPS Here:




Beyond that, it's pretty much what tgonhawk said.  VPS is pretty much a "Do It Yourself" option for hosting.  Hawkhost gives you a (Virtual) server, an operating system and some optional bits of software (Paid typically) and you're off from there.  It's a very skeletal configuration to start and you'll need to shape in your own image.


...and I wouldn't have this any other way.   In the VPS hosting world I'd prefer to call all the shots on performance, security and stability myself.

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