I have stupid question about RADIUS Server


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Dear sir, i have stupid question about network server, i'm newbie Mikrotik solution and when im try start my service connect hotspot with Radius server, but...it local (this server at mikirotik local network, it not "live" server),  i'm  want  create just only Radius server remote authentication from public IP, how i can do that, thank you, i'm poor network knowledge , thank you for advise.

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Not sure I'm understanding the question, but I'll give it a shot:


Radius servers are elsewhere typically, they have user names and passwords on another server, that you use to authenticate with the hotspot.  

Good article:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RADIUS


Bottom line, if you don't have a RADIUS Server that you know of, this is not going to work.  I'd suggest a Pre-Shared Key (also known as PSK) instead.  That way you only need to remember one password.  If you insist on RADIUS authentication you'll first have to locate/setup the RADIUS server, then setup your Wireless to work with the server.

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