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Hi, my website is businessideasbox.com.

I installed wordpress and configure everything already (php7, opcode, apcu cache). But i got shocking load time (20-30s) when i test it using tools.pingdom.com.

Is there any way to cut my load time? or am i gonna need to upgrade hosting type?

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I took a quick look at your site/account and my first request took a bit of time to process. While watching your running processes your W3TC plugin was generating 7~ PHP processes from /plugins/w3-total-cache/pub/minify.php which caused your CPU usage to spike to 100%, so that may be causing the issues you're seeing. I'd recommend reviewing your W3TC settings and possibly disabling the Minify option to see if this helps at all. It's worth noting that once your pages were cached the speed increased significantly so it was just the initial pageload/request I had problems with.

I see you've also submitted a ticket for this so we'll follow up there. I think it's best to continue this discussion in that ticket so we can post all relevant details (there are some things we may not want to put in a public forum).

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