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Dave R

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Hi there,

Just wanted to make doubly (or triplely!) sure, the "Server Backup Manager SE" service in the control panel, if I revert back to one of the recovery points, that will revert the entire server back to that, so that any site at that time will be working exactly as it was at that point?

I know this is fairly obvious, but as I've never used this before am a little nervous, though my client has had a major site issue so it may be the only option we have.


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It is possible to do selective restores too.

Look for the icons that do "Browse" and  you can navigate through your file system to find what you want.
Double click on folders to open them and see what's inside.
Then when you decide what you want to do, you can invoke the various functions (Download or Send to Agent)
to retrieve the earlier site version.

Presumably (I haven't tried it), if you do that on a folder, it will act on all the contents,
and if it's the top node of your home directory it will do everything.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can go into the Backups section of Cpanel and
make a backup of the current state before you do any of this.  Then you'll be sure of
being able to get back to that state, regardless of how the other restores go.


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