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    Server Backup Manager SE

    Hi there, Just wanted to make doubly (or triplely!) sure, the "Server Backup Manager SE" service in the control panel, if I revert back to one of the recovery points, that will revert the entire server back to that, so that any site at that time will be working exactly as it was at that point? I know this is fairly obvious, but as I've never used this before am a little nervous, though my client has had a major site issue so it may be the only option we have. Thanks.
  2. Dave R

    Email issues

    Hi guys, I left a few years back after being a happy client for a while, but then emails started to not get delivered and the recommendation from you was that I should host my emails elsewhere, which was not a suitable response for me so I moved hosts. However I would love to come back at some stage as no other complaints, so wondering if you had done anything to address this issue at all? Cheers, Dave