E-mail forwarding to multiple e-mails?


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I see that the e-mail forwarding feature can only handle a 1:1 forward to actual e-mail.  Is there an add-on where I can manage a list?  For instance, with my GoDaddy share hosted stuff, their forwarding allows multiple destinations separated by commas (up to some amount or line length).  This makes it convenient to have a "[email protected]" go to all the board members, for instance.

What are my options with hawkhost?

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No problem!

First I would just try adding more forwarders for the same original address.
If they add to, rather than replace, the first one, you're good to go.

If that doesn't work, you can use Filters.
If this [email protected] has a mailbox, you do it at the user level,
otherwise you can do it at the account level.

In the cPanel -> Email section choose either Global (or Account Level) Filters,
or just Filters (or User Level Filters) according to the above.

Then set up the conditions you want to identify the mail in question
(such as "to matches boardmembers" for example if this is an accountlevel filter),
and add in separate Actions, "Redirect to email", one for each destination.

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