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  1. I see that the e-mail forwarding feature can only handle a 1:1 forward to actual e-mail. Is there an add-on where I can manage a list? For instance, with my GoDaddy share hosted stuff, their forwarding allows multiple destinations separated by commas (up to some amount or line length). This makes it convenient to have a "" go to all the board members, for instance. What are my options with hawkhost?
  2. Roy

    cPanel and rvskin hell

    Here is my view with rvskin2 (I did collapse all the tools on the left, they are always all expanded every refresh - and nothing in them about skin or customizing).
  3. Roy

    cPanel and rvskin hell

    My RVskin does not have the layout like that. The "last login from..." block is on the bottom left, below the expand/collapsed menu options. There's NO magnifying glass nor drop-down. I wish there was... I'm guessing that is, indeed, my case. How unfortunate to have such an aggressive, poorly-constructed theme. I mean, it's not a bad theme, but what kind of theme says, "me only, no others" - that's just really bad design. Thank you for the replies!
  4. I was checking out the different skins for cPanel, and I liked Paper Lantern best. Unfortunately, I looked at an rvskin after, and cannot change to anything else now. My cPanel is stuck in rvskin hell, and it cannot get out. Help?
  5. Understood, but my question remains - this is after initial setup / purchase. I have uploaded nothing (yet). Should I *not* be amazed at the speed of compromise?
  6. Just ordered a 2-year commitment and within hours, before anything was done / uploaded, I get six (6) e-mail notices (roughly the same time): Hello, Our systems performed a routine malware/virus scan on your account and unfortunately located infected/malicious files. We've automatically moved the infected files(s) out of your public_html directory into a safe, quarantined directory. Below is the file our scanners were able to locate: /home/<mydomain>/public_html/<mydomain>/wp-includes/jameson-limpkin.php (quarantined to /home/hawkinfected/cxsuser/<mydomain>/jameson-limpkin.php.1460163030_1) ClamAV detected virus = [Php.Trojan.WSO-1] All of them are Php.Trojan.WSO-1, various names obviously. Now, when I got my first confirmation / account info e-mail, I followed the instructions to change my cPanel pw, and I did to a solid pw (letters, numbers, symbols, etc). What gives? Heck, when I go to my site, it's still blank - I've not setup WordPress or anything yet. How is this happening so quickly, and why do I feel like I've made a terrible error in judgement?
  7. I am looking to move my two shared hosted websites away from GoDaddy, but one thing they sold was the Domains By Proxy thing. Where it would list the company (in Arizona?) for contact info, and not the actual owner of the site. Does HawkHost also offer something similar to help reduce spam and unwanted solicitations?