Resource Usage Overview is out of sync with detailed,lots of 503,pages can not be opened


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Resource Usage Overview


Your site has been limited within the past 24 hours

CPU resources were limited for your site

You have reached entry processes (number of simultaneously running php and cgi scripts, as well as cron jobs and shell sessions) limit 10 times

I/O usage resources were limited for your site


Your site might hit resource limits soon

Your Physical Memory usage was at 1018.41 out of 1024




detailed content shows



Current UsageDescriptionUsageLimitFaultCPU Usage0.0%100%I/O Usage5120.0 KB/s5120.0 KB/sIOPS01024Entry Processes1200Number of Processes01000Physical Memory Usage86.03M1.00G0



the strange thing : on the same hosting account,same situation,same php script code but the two domains are running in different result :one is good,another is always show 503 page, can not be opened,can not write the datas  into the database.


this is very strange.


anybody has the same or similiar situation ?


how to solve this problem?


do u have any good method to deal with it?


I'm talking with the support in these days,but it is difficult to solve it.


if anyone can help me ,thank you very much.



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This is an issue that would best be investigated via ticket given the details required and scope of problem. If you've already worked with our support team and aren't satisfied with the answers you've received please just ask for your ticket to be escalated so our level II support team can investigate for you.

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