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Hello. :)


We have had some pretty awful downtime recently due to our current host messing up DNS issues and not telling us that they were doing so, 2 day's later we're looking for a new host and I was wondering about moving our domain and how much downtime that's going to be? We've already had significant downtime and I know DNS propagation takes 24-48 hours but is there something we can do to keep that down? Putting your nameservers on the domain while keeping our current hosts nameservers on or something? 


Thanks. :)

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Good morning! Thanks for checking out our hosting! DNS propagation (at least for 95% of providers/ISPs) nowadays certainly doesn't take that long. In our experience it's usually only a few hours, if that. Technically speaking as well once you change the nameservers the site(s) would be online/accessible, the only people who'd have issues accessing it would be the ones who are still cached to the old IP. I would not recommend using two sets of nameservers during a migration.

Let me know if you've got any other questions. Alternatively our sales team (https://support.hawkhost.com) can help you via ticket if you want to go that route instead (you'll likely get a quicker response through a ticket compared to our forums). Cheers!

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