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Here are some areas for improvements, in order of importance to me:

1) When I login to the hawkhost site 95% of the time it's to access my cPanel. Once logged in I'd like to see a list of sites, and a button to launch cPanel. (Although ideally the cPanel link would be bookmarkable).

As it is I have to go through a couple of pages, and I can never remember if I have to click on 'My Domains' or 'Products and Services'. And stuff opens in a new window! That should only happen when I say so. I can configure Firefox to override that, but in Safari I'm powerless. So in summary, less clicks and no popups (target='_new').

2) When I go into cPanel I always get an SSL warning. There is no need for this. Why is the URL to an IP address, just put the FQDN of the server, as specified in the cert (neptune in my case). Browsers are gettin tougher on this, and if you don't use SSL properly, then you might as well not use it at all.

3) Single signon for the various parts of the hawkhost website would be nice. I have to login separately for the main site, support area and forums.

I hope you get time implement these changes.



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1) replacing with your actual domain. You do not need to use our client area to get to cPanel.

2) Looks like neptune did not have the hostname set I fixed that

3) Unfortunately not possible as we tried doing this before and did not work well. Far to many users seem to like to use different email address contacts or usernames depending on what they're doing.

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