Scheduled Maintenance [02/16/2010]


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Date: Wednesday, February 16th, 2010 (02/16/2010)

Start time: 01:00 AM PST

End time: 07:00 AM PST

Duration: 6 hours

Service Affected: Public Network, Private Network

Reason: Device Migration

Device: ts01.sr01.sea01, ts01.eq01.sea01

Location: sea01


Datacenter Engineers will be conducting maintenance on the transport gear that provides connectivity from the Seattle, WA server facility to the Seattle, WA Westin Building facility. During this maintenance window, traffic on the following providers will be gracefully shifted off to other providers followed by BGP sessions being shut down:

10G Level 3 Transit

10G Global Crossing Transit

10G NTT/Verio Transit

1G Google Peering

10G Comcast Peering

10G SIX Peering Fabric

10G Time Warner Peering

10G Internal Public/Private Peering to WDC01

10G Internal Public/Private Peering to DAL01

After these sessions have been shutdown, Datacenter Engineers will migrate the transport network to new equipment. During this maintenance window, customer traffic destined for either DAL01 or WDC01 will be rerouted either over the public internet or through other paths for private network connectivity. Datacenter Engineers expect no impact to customers as traffic will be shifted prior to the event. Customers may notice some routing anomalies during the process as routes re-converge initially.

Once completed and circuits verified, BGP sessions will be restored and service will return to normal.

Again, Datacenter Engineers expect no impact to customer services once traffic has been shifted during this maintenance window.


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