access pages when NameServers not pointed yet


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New here.

I am wondering what I put in my browser's address bar to see my page BEFORE pointing Name Servers.


How do I get my Filezilla to connect

It is configured as follows:


PORT: 21


ENCRYPTION: Only use plain FTP


USERNAME: [email protected]  (as set up in FTP Accounts)

PASSWORD:XXXX (as set up in FTP Accounts)

Status:    Resolving address of
Status:    Connecting to
Error:    Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
Error:    Could not connect to server

Thank you in advance,

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You can access your site(s)/files using a preview URL. That URL should have been included in your "New Account Information" email. It will resemble something like (replace the IP with your accounts IP and the username with your username).

As for FTP, the hostname you connect to would be the hostname of the server you're on or your accounts IP address. That information can also be found in your account information email under the FTP section.

If you're not sure where to find any of that info please contact our helpdesk team ( so we can pull up your account and provide you those specific details. Thank you!

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Thank you Brian

I got Filezilla working, HOWEVER, when I go to the "Temporary Webpage URL:" and open the link, I get a directory listing even though I have an index.html sitting on the root directory.

So I clicked on and the page is laid out correctly, yet there is no white bg, nor are there any images. Hmmm

Also regarding mobile sites, I am aware that there are "tools" to "modify" the html in the header, and there are those that "modify" the css file, yet, I have sites that I have modified all my html files and then save them from index.html to index-mobile.html. I then place a Mobile Button to link the -mobile.html files.

I have created a sub-directory titled "mobile" so that once the visitor clicks on my Mobile Button it WOULD show, but I do not know how to make that function. Yes, I have heard that this is archaic or antiquated.

Lastly, the reason I came to Hawk Host is because when I would upload images to files on my current host they were arriving there corrupt, I submitted a Support Ticket with them {quote}all tickets have a minimum of 24 hour response{unquote}. I waited 24 hours, then I tried to add an image to the Support Ticket and their system does not allow that so I opened a 2nd Support Ticket to amend the 1st one. I waited 24 hours and then submitted a 3rd Support Ticket stating that I was growing impatient with their system.

That is the bad.

When I call their 24 / 7 Support Number for Tech Support during NON-daylight hours I wait about 15 - 20 minutes and get a live american speaking technician that assists me, Additionally, when I contact them using their 24 / 7 Chat Support I wait about 10-30 minutes and again get a live american speaking technician that assists me.

That is the good.

Hawk Host on the other hand is just the opposite. Support Tickets are answered quickly, sometimes within a hour.

That is the good.

I cannot find a number (10am-6pm EST) Tech Support, nor can I find a way to chat with Tech Support (8am-9pm?).

That is the bad.

Bottom line? It turned out that the original problem was that I was uploading images using ASCII instead of Binary which caused the corruption of the images. Why did I come to Hawk Host? Because of my current host's non-response to Support Tickets and that a Native American, I liked the name.

I still have 18 months before I have to pay at my current host.

Here is your chance to keep me as a client.

Regards, Cloud

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In the interest of not revealing your account details on a public forum (including your username, temporary URL, pointing out issues, etc) I don't want to pore over this line by line in this thread. What I can say without revealing anything is that generally speaking any missing images or CSS on preview/temp URLs is due to how the content is being linked (relative paths vs URLs, for example). I'm also not seeing an index.html file in your public_html directory currently so that's why the directory listing is showing. When I add one as a test it displays the index file and no longer shows the directory listing.

If you haven't already I would recommend contacting our support team via helpdesk for clarifying any final questions/issues here.

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