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I have a shared hosting and use the Subversion module. It works fine for me. I also know that this is not an enterprise level Subversion hosting.

I'm wondering if the followings are possible:

1. Is it possible to recreate the repository? I played it to figure out how it works, and I filled it up with some random files, made tags and so on and now want to restart it with valid data.

2. Is there any other connection method I can use? Now I use svn:// Is it possible to use http, https or svn+ssh?

Thanks in advance!

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1. I believe you may be able to do it by deleting it:

*svn delete -m "Your Delete Message"


2. Unfortunately no the only one that is supported is svn:// as it does hooking of subversion to make it work.

It was pretty promising when we offered it but it really has not been refined. Also does not help that subversion is losing ground to systems like git and mercurial (we use mercurial). So no real incentive for them to even clean it up and refine it.

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