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It's all going well. :)

Problems are things like what directory something is in and getting URLs updated. Also, realizing HH doesn't like zip but is happy with gz.

I have 5 blogs up (some with only skeletal content).

Everything is working except for a cname request (ticket submitted).

Porting from Typepad was very annoying.

With a few minor frustrations WordPress has been amazing. When the url for the blog and the directory holding it are set, then all links for posts and comments are adjusted automatically. Alas, links embedded within posts--even links to other parts of the same blog--are not updated. How could they be?--they are just text within the body of the post. Unfortunately, that means that links to photos--even photos in the default wp upload directory--are not updated. Turns out there's a very good search/replace plug-in that did it all in one step.

Pretty soon I can stop screwing around with setup and get on to the business of content.

Helpful tools include winscp, notepad++ and 7-zip.

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