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I have few queries before buying your services. It will help me to decide.


I have developed an android application which has smtp details coded inside the application code. And after downloading app from the playstore user can enter their email address to receive mail from the app. It is a subscription based app where user can subscribe to those mails and app will send them data in form of emails.


But as this is a paid subscription based service , I want only specific email addresses or domains to receive mails from the app , only those who have paid for it. For this particular requirement I am looking for some solution where I can deny all email address in the SMTP server to send mails and only allow the subscribed email addresses.


Is it possible with your Mail Hosting ? If not then can you help in achieving this or can suggest something , I have read somewhere that you have limit of 2000 mails per hour in shared hosting. The volume of the mails from my app is just 5 to 6 KB.


Another option which I can think of is using HawkHost's smtp details coded in the app and providing email addresses on my domain with & users can check their logs by logging to their webmail account. In that case can we deny smtp to send mails to other users.




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If I understand what you're trying to do correctly it sounds like creating a separate mailing list for subscribed/paid users might be the best approach instead of taking a default-deny/blacklist approach to all domains and then only whitelisting certain domains/addresses once they've paid. We do offer free mailing list software through Softaculous ( so you could create/maintain a list of approved recipients that way.


As for the outbound email limits they're 500 per hour on shared/reseller plans, 2,000 per hour on semi-dedicated plans and there is no outbound limit on a VPS.


You will also likely receive faster replies from us if you open a sales ticket at https://support.hawkhost.comwith your questions. Our helpdesk is staffed 24/7 so you're going to receive replies to any follow up questions much faster than on our forums.

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Hello Brian , 


Thanks a ton for your reply. But my business requirement is selective and requires blacklisting of all and allowing few. Because the app is not news letter based but app fetches android phone data cpu usage etc. and mails it to the subscriber at certain intervals. 


My only worry is that after downloading app from the play store any user can enter the email address in the app and can start using the smtp server coded inside the application. I want to block this. Please help. 



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It sounds like you may need a custom solution, or at least a mailing service/configuration option which allows you to have a lot of control over how the mail server is setup. Our services provide all the basic features needed to use email (create accounts, send/receive, use filters, whitelists/blacklists, etc) but it's all pretty defined within our control panel. What you're doing may be possible through our tools + SpamExperts ( but a lot of it would need to be done manually, which may not scale properly depending on how many users end up using your application.

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