Memory Upgrade [12/19/2009]


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December 19th between 9:00am PST and 12:00PM PST we will be upgrading the Titan servers memory. We will be adding an additional 6GB of memory to the server to bring it to a total of 12GB. The window is for three hours but we estimate that the machine will be down no longer than 30 minutes.

The reason for this upgrade it to bring the memory specification to match that of all our other servers. This will add additional stability and performance to the server as it will have more ram to use for applications and for caching purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance window do not hesitate to contact support.

Date: 12/19/2009

Start time (CST): 9:00am

End time (CST): 12:00pm

Duration: 3 hours

Estimated Down Time: 30 Minutes

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