Emergency Network Maintenance [11/30/2009]


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There will be emergency network maintenance on FCR01 which our Bosco server is on. This window is on Monday November 30th starting at 2:00am CST and lasting until 3:00am CST. Although the window is for 1 hour we estimate that there will only be a down time of 15-20 minutes. This maintenance is necessary to correct an issue that could cause network interruptions that would not be scheduled.

Please note this only affects accessing backups via your cPanel. Our backups will still be made during the window as it does not affect our private network.

Further information about this can be found at: Emergency Network Maintenance [11/30/2009]

Emergency Data Center Maintenance - FCR04.DAL01 [11/30/2009]

Date: Monday, November 30, 2009 (11/30/2009)

Start time (CST): 02:00

End time (CST): 03:00

Services affected: Public Network

Location: DAL01

Duration: 1 hour

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