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This may not be in the right place, but it covers a few different areas.

I'm currently a Hawkhost customer. I am on a reseller plan but don't actually resell anything. I've just enjoyed having a cpanel for each of my sites I manage. It's a few blogs, one small forum, and two blog/podcast sites that are small. But one of the podcasts is growing a bit in popularity.

So at first I was thinking of moving that site alone to a different host that provided "unlimited" storage/bandwidth. I understand that "unlimited" is most likely a false description in total aspect, but it'd been recommended by someone else I know who podcasts.

But I started wondering about HH. I know that the shared hosting offers much higher ceilings than the reseller hosts, though none are described as unlimited. But as long as bandwidth wasn't eclipsed is Hawkhost a viable option for hosting a small podcast/wordpress site? Understand that to this point it's never gone over 20G of bandwidth in a month.

If that were to be a route to explore, I'd then consider just moving all my sites over to the shared account as add-on domains. How hard/easy is that to do? Could I actually stay on the same server I'm currently on (I'm satisfied with it). The other sites on my current reseller account are mainly blogs, but with one small MyBB site. Are they easily transferred over? Would it be best to do them one by one, or just do a new install of wordpress on a subdomain, create the mysql database there, and then just do a wordpress import and copy over the wp-contents folder?

I know I asked a lot of questions in one post. But I've been happy with my HH experience over the last year and I'm interested in continuing the relationship.

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With the reseller to shared hosting account add-on domains you'd need to move everything into the shared account. As far as the bandwidth if you're not going over the allocations I doubt it be an issue as the web server has no issue serving static content even if it's 100's of GB's a month.

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