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So I am very new at making a website. I am looking at buying a domain name and I am already set on using hawk host cause of all the great things I have heard. The one thing I don't know is when I buy or register my domain name is it a one time charge a monthly charge or a yearly charge. Or is it free to do it on hawk host?

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Hello! New domain name registrations are done for (usually) a 1 year minimum through most registrars. You have the option to register for a few years in advance but 1 year is the most common registration/renewal period. You can register the domain through another registrar while still using our web hosting, or you can register the domain through us while you order your web hosting plan.


Unfortunately we do not offer free domain registration and the cost for most domains is $10.95 per year -- our available domains and pricing can be found at


Thanks for checking out our hosting :)

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