CPU Setting Correction [11/03/2009]


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We will be taking the Mars server off line for 10 minutes tonight in order to login to the bios and correct a setting. Currently the server is not properly scaling it's CPU's meaning the server is not running at nearly full speed. This fortunately has not been causing an issues for the server but we'd like to correct it now. The maintenance window is from 11:00pm CST until 12:00am CST tonight. We do not expect it to take more than 10 minutes to correct the bios setting and have the server back up and running.

We're sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

Date: 11/03/2009

Start time (CST): 11:00pm

End time (CST): 12:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Estimated Down Time: 10 minutes

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