Hardware Migration [11/06/2009] - [11/10/2009]


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We will be migrating the accounts on the Jupiter server starting on Friday November 6th and this will last until Tuesday November 10th. The reason for this upgrade is our continued commitment to having exceptional quality of service. The Jupiter server is showing it's age in specification so we feel everyone would benefit from a much needed upgrade.

For the migration process we will be moving accounts in sections based on IP address. We anticipate no more than 5 minutes of down time per account in order to make the switch. We migrate the account data then re-route the IP address to the new server. Thus there is no down time associated with the upgrade.

The time frame given we estimate will not be nearly this long. In the past we have migrated to other hardware without any down time in less than three days. So our 4 days just gives us plenty of time to do it right and make sure there is no interruption in service.

The specifications of the server will be similar to our Dallas machines being Dual Xeon 5520's with 12GB ram and four 300GB SAS drives in raid-10.

Old Jupiter:

Xeon 5430


4x250GB SATA II Raid-10

New Jupiter:

Dual Xeon 5520


4x300GB SAS Raid-10

You'll notice three times as much memory and SAS drives which are significantly faster than the SATA counterparts. It'll also have twice as many CPU's and will be using the newer 5520 CPU.

If you have any concerns about this migration please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start Date: 11/06/2009

End Date: 11/10/2009

Estimated Down Time: less than 5 minutes

Duration: 4 days

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