Kernel Update [08/25/2009]


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We will be updating the Titan server kernel to the latest version on Tuesday August 25th at 10:00pm PDT. We estimate this will result in about 10 minutes of down time while the server reboots.

Keeping kernels up to data is a necessary step in order to stay on top of performance improvements as well as have the latest security fixes. In this case there have been some security vulnerabilities which we have taken steps to mitigate but now with an official kernel released for CentOS we can run a version that is patched. We feel it's best to have this done as soon as possible which is why there is only 24 hour notice.

Date: 08/26/2009

Start time (PDT): 10:00pm

End time (PDT): 10:20pm

Duration: 20 minutes

Estimated Down Time: 10 minutes

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