Venus Server Upgrade [11/09/2007 - 11/16/2007]


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Starting on Friday November 9th we will be migrating our Venus server to a much higher specification machine. This migration will last until Friday November 16th, however we have migrated data in the past in under 3 days so we do not expect it to take that long. We realize this is very short notice but it is a necessary upgrade and since there will be no downtime experienced we feel short notice is acceptable. The reason for this is the Venus server has had an ever increasing load over the past few months. With recent slowness in the morning due to several issues we feel it is time to do the upgrade.

There will be no down time experienced during the migration or even dns related issues. We will migrating account by account which means we will migrate everything on one IP address then switch over the IP to the new server. This is also why the migration will take several days and can without there being any negative effects. There shouldn't be noticeable change in anything while the migration is happening. So we'd like to take our time with it and make sure everything works fine with each move.

The new Venus server will be as follows:

Quad Core Xeon 3220 - 2.40GHz (Kentsfield) - 2 x 4MB cache

4 GB DDR2 667

4x250GB SATA II Raid-10

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact our support department.

Start date: 11/09/2007

End date: 11/16/2007

Duration: 7 days (Estimated)

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